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Let Us Help You... Consider Volunteering.

Fire Fighters and all men and women that volunteer are essential to the safety and security of our local communities.

Our members are just like you...they are your neighbors and the members of the community. They donate their time and energy to be there when others need help. We welcome you to join our family and give back to your community. We need interior firefighters, exterior firefighters, medical personnel, and drivers. No experience is needed. We will provide all the training and education.  

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Join our fire department.

Train and work alongside other local heroes with big hearts.

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Over all, each fire fighter does 90 hours of training at the minimum in order to maintain proficiency in this job. On-line courses add up to another 4 hours of training.

Each interior fire fighter must complete the Fire Fighter 1 course which is 195 hours of training both classroom and hands-on in order to become a full fire fighter.

Pump Ops, Areal Ops, Truck Company Ops, VROL and EVOC make for a well-rounded and knowledgeable fire fighter.

You gain knowledge of emergency situations and how to control them. 

  - Truck and small engine maintenance.

  - Gas meter and Tac sticks (to find out if electrical lines are live.)

  - ICS and Accountability.

  - CPR and AED.

  - ATV Training with Extrication of Patients in remote areas.

  - Ice Water Rescue Training.

  - Bailout and Mask Confidence Training.

  - Forcible entry and Search and Rescue techniques.

  - Chimney fires and what to do.

  - Initial Company operations.

  - Live fire training at PSTF (Public Safety Training Facility.)

  - Pump Ops and Water Tender Ops.

  - Ventilation and Ladder operations.

  - Ropes, Knots and Low Angle rescue techniques.

  - Swift water Rescue.

  - Wild land fire fighting.

  - Vehicle extrications and car fires.

  - Commercial Industry Overview and Preplan.

  - HazMat Management.

  - Electric Car overview.

  - Hazards of Turkey Frying and Dry Christmas Trees.

What volunteers are saying about their experience.

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Membership has made me a better person.The fire service as a whole has made me more disciplined, a better communicator and a team player.

The satisfaction of helping others, no comparison!



Being a part of the Honeoye Falls Fire Department has been eye opening. I am still in training but I have already seen how much goes on in the background. From the maintenance, preparedness, training, safety, getting out to a call as fast as you can, working as a team to make sure everyone is safe. It is incredible to see and be a part of.



When I meet new people and start talking about my experience volunteering for the Honeoye Falls fire department, I amaze them and myself how exciting, scary and rewarding it is. I am happy I decided to volunteer.

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