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Thank you for supporting us!

Your Support Helps Us To Save Lives.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Honeoye Falls Volunteer Fire Department.  

Every year the Honeoye Falls Fire Department asks for donations. This is done by mail or in person at different events around the area. Your donation is extremely appreciated.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation may qualify as being tax deductible.

Below are just a few things that your donations go towards.

Food and hydration for our members.

There are several times throughout the year that calls are long and/or are in adverse weather. A typical structure fire can last up to 4-5 hours. This often includes working not only at the scene but cleaning and refitting the trucks and equipment so that we are ready for another call. Our Auxiliary sometimes fixes food and when not available, food is ordered. Working in adverse weather, hot or cold, puts a strain on fire fighters as well. Hot or cold drinks and snacks are provided in order to maintain peak performance during such times.

Uniforms and Clothing.

Uniforms are a part of any fire department both new and old. We have several uniforms that we purchase of the members in order to cut down on them damaging their own clothes. Our basic uniform is: t-shirt with uniform pants. This provides a basic look when doing training on a weekly basis. Another uniform is our Class C uniform which consists of a polo shirt and uniform [pants. This is typically worn when visiting other departments, local businesses and doing walk through preplanning training. We want to look professional yet be able to train if the need arises. Our Class A uniforms are the parade and formal function uniforms.

Fireman’s field.

We use donations to maintain and upgrade the fireman’s field which is open for use to the public. Although we do charge for the use of the facilities, that cost covers the utilities and some minor repairs. Items like, the fence, kitchen, pavilion and bathrooms all need upgrades which is not covered by any taxes nor grants. Donations keep the costs of the facility affordable. 

Antique Fire Engine and Hose Cart.

Donations also go to help maintain the “Buffalo” antique fire engine and a hand drawn hose cart. Without the donations, this part of our history would not be able to be maintained and would be lost for generations to come. 

Honeoye falls fire fighters in smoke
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